Best Houseboat in Alleppey

Best Houseboat in Alleppey

Kerala is one of the few places in India where you can explore Mother Nature in its pristine state. And talking about nature, one cannot ignore the elegant backwaters of Alleppey which do not fail to embrace the beauty of nature. Here, people co-live with it rather than exploiting it. Therefore, hire the best houseboat in Alleppey while you are here and explore its class and charm. If you are a nature lover or a vivid traveler, you are going to love this place irrespective of where you are from. Alleppey houses the calmest and quietest backwaters in Kerala and benefits the locals to produce food in its enriched land. The Alappuzha houseboat cruising is the main attraction for tourists all over the world because it’s something that you will never forget and cannot experience elsewhere.

Houseboats in Kerala

Kerala houseboat service enchants you with the magic and beauty of the other side of Alleppey which cannot be seen otherwise. Once you are done exploring the streets and canals of this heavenly place, stroll to a nearby lake and see the cruise boats assembled there. The best houseboat in Alleppey is retrieved from traditional cargo vessels at this part of the country. Immense care and craft are dedicated to its making so that you can find the most luxurious and care-free experience once you hire an Alappuzha houseboat. On the other hand, houseboat rates are targeted to accommodate both the budget backpackers and those searching for the most luxurious time in their life, chilling on a houseboat, getting some sunlight, and glancing at its waters. The houseboats in Alleppey usually measures around 120 feet in length, gigantic for you and your loved ones to live for days. You will see the finest attention to details that our artisans delivered with immense care to make the cruises look the way they are, but all under the best Alleppey houseboat rates.

Our Houseboat Services in Alleppey

Jagath Cruise is a reputable travel and tourism services provider in Kerala known for presenting the best houseboats in Kerala to all our visitors for the best prices. Be it leisure seekers, honeymooners, adventurists, or visitors; we deliver the same kind of services to all our clients. We operate from Punnamada, the most serene lagoon in Alleppey, to provide our guests with a world-class exposure to make their time with us divine and memorable. Our Alappuzha boat house and other services follow the best practices and a customer-driven approach to present you with extraordinary moments. We promise our customers 100% satisfaction and the best Kerala houseboat prices to ensure that. Our packages are customizable as per your demands so that you have to pay only for the services you use

What Our Houseboat Cruise has to Offer

Signing up for the houseboats in Alleppey is all about experiencing the locality and the locals. Alappuzha houseboats offer you a peek into the rural life of this serene place while at the comfort of your boat. On the other hand, Jagath Cruise’s Kerala houseboat also brings the local cuisine to you. We offer a diverse menu of food, creamy, tasty and spicy, to make your time with us a treat for your stomach. If you want the freshwater fish caught alive as we roam through the waters, we can even do that for you. Moreover, if you are interested in trying your luck to find food for lunch, be our guest and bring out your fishing skills. Our Alleppey houseboat booking houseboat packages are available for a wide range of prices so that you can pick the one that suits you best. You can call us any time to find out more about our Alleppey houseboat tariff and services under any circumstances.

Safety Security Concerns in the Houseboat

Our Kerala houseboats are furnished and maintained well, and they also exude a strong sense of opulence and charm. As the best houseboat in Alleppey, we have a primary obligation towards your safety and security while you are with us. Therefore, all our houseboats in Alappuzha are sanitized regularly, including bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, to ensure your protection. We also sanitize the boats before your check-in and be ready to welcome you with love and safety. We have dedicated professionals always at your disposal to help you out on any concerns while in our Alleppey houseboats. You can rely on our staff at any emergency, and they will be more than happy to help you out. Our Alleppey boat house packages come with the best rates but never compromises on the security over affordability. We have also installed fire-extinguishers, life rings and jackets around the houseboat to ensure your safety. Come with us for the moment you dream of.


Alappuzha Houseboat

Cruising through the unique backwaters of Kerala is a breathtaking experience. The astonishing backwaters of Kerala consists of an intricate network of rivers, lakes, canals and lagoons. Jagathcruise offers first-class houseboats in Alleppey, Kerala.
We have numerous exquisite houseboats. You can choose houseboats consisting of 1 bedroom to 10 bedrooms depending on your requirements. We provide the best houseboat packages in Kerala depending on the destination and the boat of your choice. We make sure you have a wonderful and memorable experience. Call us or book through our site to get the best offer that suits your interest.

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