Top Dishes to Try When You’re in Alleppey

Top Dishes to Try When You’re in Alleppey

Kerala cuisine is different from the other parts of India. However, the type of food changes from region to region inside the state as well. Alleppey is rich in waters, and hence it is obvious that its people love fishes. But, the cuisine in Alleppey is not limited to them. Alleppey celebrates the spicy and extravagant aspects of our food culture. So, when you are visiting the Venice of the East, we wish that you taste the favourites of the locals right where they eat it.

The Duo: Puttu and Kadala

The most famous dish in Alleppey’s cuisine, like any other place in Kerala, is the classic puttu and kadala combo. Puttu is steamed rice with coconut whereas kadala is peas. Kadala is served as a curry for puttu. However, do not forget to try fish curry and chicken curry with puttu; they do taste fantastic as well.

Idli, Sambar and Chutney

It is another obvious choice in South India when it comes to food. The aroma of curry, when mixed with the coconut chutney and idli, is one that will stay with you forever. Idli is made with batter from mixing rice and black lentils. This soft dish is easy for your stomach to start a day, and yet healthy as well. So, please put it on your breakfast menu while you are here.

Dosa and Sambar

The next on our lineup is my personal favourite. This crunchy and tasty dish is famous for breakfast and is often served for dinner as well. Rice and black gram being the main ingredients, this dish is taken with sambar and chutney. However, there are different varieties of dosa you can try at Alleppey, like rava dosa, paneer dosa, and egg dosa. Therefore, we suggest you eat it all.

Shappu Food

The toddy shops in Alleppey are famous for the spicy flavour in their food. And while you are here, we strongly recommend that you visit one of these places to grab the most loved mashed tapioca and fish curry, which is an excellent combo to feed your hunger. But, if you wish to try the other items, please do it.

Thalassery Biriyani

Even though it belongs to the place called Thalassery, you can find numerous sites that serve Thalassery biriyani the right way in Alleppey. Unlike the ones that use basmati, this version uses Kaima rice to blend the essence of meat and masala into it. And, this is my other favourite dish of all time.


Pal ada pradhaman and semiya payasam are the most celebrated puddings everywhere inside Kerala, and Alleppey is no exception. Semiya payasam is prepared with roasted vermicelli, milk and nuts whereas pal ada pradhaman is made with rice flakes, milk and sugar. These are signature elements in a Kerala style sadya as well.

Kerala Sadya

We do not want you to miss one of the most age-old traditions in Kerala, serving food in banana leaf. Kerala sadya offer cooked rice with at least seven varieties of side dishes, sambar, rasam, curd, and, of course, payasam to treat your taste buds and stomach. The Floating Market in Alleppey is a great place to experience this food.

Karimeen Fry

If you have already gone for cruising in Alleppey’s backwaters, the chances are that you have already tasted this delicious food. It is found in the backwaters of Kumarakom and is not common in Kerala. Even though a bit high priced than other fishes, karimeen fry is worth every penny. We want you to taste at least once while you at Alleppey.