Top 10 Things to Do in Alleppey

Alleppey is often dubbed as the Venice of the East. But why? The backwaters! Sitting at an edge of Kerala, Alleppey or Alappuzha is also famous for its scenic beauty and vivid culture. However, there is more to this heavenly space than the waters. Alleppey embraces the beauty of nature and cheers for us when we walk through its streets. This place gathers a lot of attention from domestic and international tourists all time of the year. However, the key takeaway for the visitors is Alleppey’s ability to rejuvenate our minds and give us the inner peace that we had been longing for. Therefore, here are our picks to make your time in Alleppey memorable and divine.

Houseboat Cruise

Are you a solo wanderer or a group of friends trying to get away from the routine madness? No matter which scene you belong, the houseboat cruise will definitely have one for you. You can use this opportunity to explore the location through its backwaters. We assure you, the experience will be something that you will never forget. Moreover, you get fresh fish to that the boat staff catch for you on the way.


If houseboat cruising was about relaxing, kayaking is about connecting with the place. It is an activity that takes patience. If you love adventure, this is an excellent opportunity for you. More importantly, if you love birds or interested in bird photography, Alleppey backwaters can feed your hunger. There are dedicated bird watching spots as well.

Backwaters are a Bliss

Backwaters can really bring joy into your life. If the above two wasn’t enough to explore your surroundings, take the game to the roads. Walk along the streets and markets and meet the locals. Hear their stories, how they live through every day, and how they survived the floods. They will be more than happy to find someone who listens to them.

The Beaches

The Pozhiyoram and Marari beaches in Alleppey are famous for their pristine condition. The sunsets here are straight out of a movie, and you don’t want to miss them while you are here. Also, the Pozhiyoram beach features water sports. Unlike the fancier Pozhiyoram beach, Marari beach is incredible for long walks and family.

Krishnapuram Palace

If you are a person with a thing for history, this 18th-century palace is for you. Even though made into a museum, Krishnapuram palace still takes you back to the old times with its two-storeyed Kerala style architecture. Also, you can find a marvellous antique collection within the museum. Oh, do not miss the murals at this place either.

Ambalapuzha Temple

Kerala has a temple culture that is different from the other states in the sub-continent. Witness this culture at one of the most famous temples in Kerala, the Ambalapuzha temple. Feel the purity of this place and spend some time near to fill your mind with positive thoughts. Moreover, do not miss the paal payasam they serve as prasadam; it even made into a famous song lyric.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race

Guarded by the coconut trees runs the Punnamada Lake, swift and smooth. But the atmosphere changes when it’s time for the snake boat festival. It is one of the most celebrated activities around the time of the essential celebration of Keralites, the Onam. People all over Kerala tune into TV or radios to watch this event. Well, see it right where it happens at the heart of Punnamada Lake to feel the energy.


Away from the cities and the crowd there lies a place 4-10ft below the sea level; Kuttanad. Filled with thick fields and waterways, this place also houses spice cultivation and duck farming. Dive into this space if you want to feel the rural life. But, do not miss the local cuisine when you do visit this place.


Feed your adventurous spirit by learning Kalaripayattu. You can watch the performances or even sign up for training in Alleppey. Kalaripayattu is a great way to keep your body fit and flexible. If you are not comfortable with practising it, you can get the Kalaripayattu treatment, which is a massage.

Elephant Training Camp

At Kattoor, you can find the Elephant training camp where you get to see elephants; not just them, their daily activities as well. You can feed them and see them play in the water. The elephants here are mostly rescued from other places. If you are an animal lover, this is a safe haven for you, and you will not see the time slipping.